Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga that teaches physical posture (asana)  and breathing technique, practiced more slowly.
A costant practices gives flexibility and strength to the muscle, and dissolve the stiffness of the spine.

Yoga Nidra

Is a powerful yoga meditation technique is really easy to practice any body can do you need to only lie down on the floor an be guide trough this  meditation.
yoga nidra helps to relieve stress reduce tension and anxiety.


Reflexology is a complementary health therapy . the reflexology massage is based on specific pressure on parts of the foot that appear to have correspondences with each organ of the body.this kind of massage gives a lot of benefit like pain relief and relax.

Private Class

private class are suitable for everyone
especially for people that need more attention during the practice or they never practiced and would like to be introduce before start a yoga class. in this private class I usually  do a combination of yoga and reflexology.

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